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Why do it?

Children with visual impairments, as well as all other children need books - kind, cheerful and bright.  While producing the above books it is necessary to take into account visual and tactile perception of children with visual impairments.

High accurate contour, cutting and details from different types of materials help to develop tactile sense, as well as the  pop ups and moving parts enhance fine motor skills just as  bright colors and large illustrations facilitate the residual vision recovery.

What for we are collecting money?

Each child receives a gift pack of two special books, "Interesting job" and  three-D play set- a mini theater that consists of set-dressing and characters in books.

What is the cost?

The cost of one set - 6 950 rubles.


Every year the Foundation produces two book sets: one for the preschool small age and another for preschool age and primary school age. Our books are free and targeted aid.  

Give books to children

The cost of one book set is 6 950 rubles. (Six thousand nine hundred fifty roubles).

You may donate any amount while choosing one of the payment system.