We are the only charity foundation in Russia that produces unique tactile books which are comprehensible for visually impaired children. The books produced by the Foundation are granted free to blind and visually impaired children all over Russia.     

 Charity Foundation Mission

  • to provide emotive support to partially sighted children;
  • to help them in respect to social integration;
  • engaging visually impaired children in the world of literature and arts through reading;
  • to grant joy of many-sided learning about the world and interaction with their sighted peers.   

  Our books are created by taking into account the specific nature of partially sighted children’s comprehension (tactile details, intensive colours, large images without too many details, etc.) which all help to improve residual vision.   

 We believe that visually impaired children should be provided with the best of all possible playing and developing books to promote a love of reading and hunger for knowledge.   

 We are grateful for charity support from adults and their understanding of the problems regarding social integration of blind and visually impaired children.   



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